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Hi! I'm Kelley Caballero; an author, speaker, single mother, and mentor.

Kelley is the creator and author of The Selfish Bitch Bible© as well as the founder of Pretty Legends©.  She grew up with a fierce personality and a will to win in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with deep roots in Miami, Florida as well.


From a young age Kelley knew she was destined for greatness. Always the centre of attention, keen on detail and a self starting motivator for those around her. Her passion and drive would be key stepping stones in advancing her personal and professional life. Growing up, she would be outcast for her big personality forcing her to form the utmost self love in order to excel. When she enters a room, you can feel her presence. Her energies are widely spread and are influential.

She studied Business marketing as well as the cosmetology program but found the majority of her wisdom and skills came from raw life experiences. She is also a certified life coach, specializing in self love and confidence.

Growing up came easy for her as she was always a true leader for herself and others.

Kelley would go on to endure a difficult divorce which helped shape her into the mentor and self love expert she is today. She is also a full time single mother who lives for her two children and takes pride in raising them in a healthy and positive environment. Her coaching abilities consist of teaching and supporting women on their self love journey as well as providing them with the tools to succeed on their own to become their own version of The Selfish Bitch.

Kelley’s immense love to help and support other women is shown daily in her work and demeanor.  She is active in humanitarian efforts for women as well as active in donations and support for local women as well as women worldwide. She is compassionate, ethical and extremely conscious of providing the highest vibrations of positivity possible.

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